ecourselogoPiping & Tubing explains how to create, edit and manage Piping and Tubing routes, from the critical routing components and their design requirements to the subassemblies that contain the routes
*This course is eligible to be part of the DASI Solutions Apprenticeship Program, certified by the U.S Department of Labor.

Length: 1 day
Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials 

Course Price: $300

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  • 01Fundamentals of Routing 
    What is Routing? 
    Routing Setup
    Routing Library Manager 
    General Routing Settings 
  • 02Piping Routes 
    Pipes and Piping Components 
    Routing Assembly Templates 
    Creating a Piping Route 
    Auto Route 
    Route Specification Templates 
    Editing a Route 
    Routing Along Existing Geometry
  • 03Piping Fittings 
    Drag and Drop a Fitting
    Creating Custom Fittings 
  • 04Tubing Routes
    Tubes and Tubing Components 
    Flexible Tubing with Auto Route 
    Orthogonal Tubing Routes with Auto Route 
    Bend and Spline Errors 
    Tubing Drawing 
  • 05Piping and Tubing Changes 
    Pipe Penetrations 
    Flange to Flange Connections 
    Pipe Spools
    Copying Routes 
    Adding Slope
    Editing Piping Routes
    Editing For Obstructions 
    Piping Drawings 
  • 06Creating Routing Components 
    Routing Library Parts
    Creating Routing Library Parts 
    Pipe and Tube Components 
    Copying Routing Components 
    Routing Library Manager 
    Fitting Components
    Routing Functionality Points
    Routing Geometry
    Part Validity Check 
    Design Table Check 
    Component Attributes 
    Elbow Components 
    Valve Components 
  • 07Using P&ID Files 
    Piping and Instrumentation 
    Adding a Pipe 
    Pipe with Multiple Lines 
    Pipes with In-Line Fittings 
    Process Drawings 
  • 08Electrical Ducting, Cable Tray and HVAC Routes
    Electrical Ducting Routes
    Cable Tray Routes
    HVAC Routes  
  • 09Piping Skids 
    Grid System Feature 
    Walk-through Animations 
    Avatar Paths 
  • 10Using SOLIDWORKS Content

  • ApAppendix A: Review Section
    Review of Configurations 
    A Note About File References 
    Design Tables 
    Review of Top Down Design 
    Editing Options 
    Review of Design Library Task Pane 
    Review of 3D Sketching