SOLIDWORKS Sheet Metal teaches you how to build sheet metal parts using SOLIDWORKS mechanical design automation software. Building standalone sheet metal parts, and converting conventional parts to sheet metal, including in assembly context, are covered.
*This course is eligible to be part of the DASI Solutions Apprenticeship Program, certified by the U.S Department of Labor.

buy now buttonLength: 2 days
Prerequisites: SOLIDWORKS Essentials

Course Price: $600

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  • 01Basic Flange Features
    What are Sheet Metal Parts? 
    Sheet Metal Methods
    Unique Sheet Metal Items 
    Flange Method 
    Base Flange/Tab 
    Sheet Metal Parameters 
    Editing Sheet Metal Parameters 
    Sheet Metal Bend Features 
    Flat-Pattern Feature 
    Additional Flange Features 
    Edge Flanges
    Editing the Flanage Profile
    Edge Flanges on Curved Edges
    Miter Flanges
    Hem Feature 
    Tab Feature 
    Cuts in Sheet Metal 
  • 02Working with the Flat Pattern
    Flat Pattern Settings 
    Features for Manufacture 
    Corner-Trim Feature 
    Corners in the Formed State 
    Closed Corner 
    Corner Relief 
    Break Corner/ Corner Trim 
    Producing the Flat Pattern
    Sheet Metal Cut List Properties 
    Flat Pattern Drawing Views & View Properties 
    Drawing Document Properties 
    Sheet Metal Tables 
    Cut List Properties as a Note
    Exporting the Flat Pattern 
  • 03Additional Sheet Metal Techniques 
    Additional Sheet Metal Methods 
    Designing from the Flat 
    Sketched Bend Feature 
    Jog Feature 
    Adding Features in an Unfolded State 
    Unfold and Fold 
    Sweep Flange 
    Sweep Flange Flat Pattern Options 
    Lofted Blends 
    Lofted Bends in the Design Library 
  • 04Converting to Sheet Metal 
    Sheet Metal Conversion
    Insert Bends Method 
    Imported Geometry to Sheet Metal
    Adding Rips 
    Insert Bends 
    Making Changes 
    Welded Corner 
    Converting Cones and Cylinders 
    Convert to Sheet Metal 
  • 05Multibody Sheet Metal Parts 
    Multibodies with Base Flange 
    Sheet Metal Parameters for Multibodies 
    Cut List Item Properties for Multibodies 
    Flat Pattern Drawing Views for Multibodies 
    Cut List Balloon Annotations 
    Exporting to DXF / DWGs with Multibodies 
    Convert with Multibodies 
    Hiding and Showing Bodies 
    Using Split with Sheet Metal Parts 
    Patterning for Multibodies 
    Using Edge Flanges to Merge Bodies 
    Interfering Bodies 
    Combining Sheet Metal with Other Bodies 
  • 06Forming Tools and Gussets 
    Sheet Metal Forming Tools 
    Standard Forming Tools
    Form Tool Features in the Flat 
    Part Document Properties 
    Custom Form Tools 
    Split Line 
    Forming Tool
    Form Tools in Drawings 
    Sheet Metal Gusset 
  • 07Additional Sheet Metal Functions 
    Cross - Breaks 
    Vent Features 
    Mirror Part 
    Process Plans 
    Sheet Metal Costing 
  • AAppendix A: Sheet Metal Tables 
    Customizing Tables