This course is targeted for the users who would like to become productive in analyzing structures subjected to various types of dynamic loading. The material covered includes the time dependent analysis(force loads as well as motion shock loading examples), harmonic analysis and random vibration analysis (MILS-STD-810F example is included).

buy now buttonLength: 2 days
Prerequisites: Must have attended the basic SOLIDWORKS Simulation class, or must have an experience with SOLIDWORKS + working basic knowledge of finite elements and of basic mechanical principles. The knowledge of basic principles in Vibrations is strongly recommended, but not required.

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  • 01Vibration of a Pipe 
    Static Analysis 
    Frequency Analysis 
    Dynamic Analysis (Slow Force)
    Dynamic Analysis (Fast Force)
  • 02Transient Shock Analysis According to MILS-STD-810G
    Project Description
    Model with Remote Mass 
  • 03Harmonic Analysis of a Bracket 
    Project Description 
    Harmonic Analysis of a Bracket 
  • 04Response Spectrum Analysis 
    Response Spectrum Analysis
    Response Spectrum
    Project Description
  • 05Random Vibration Analysis According to MIL-STD-810G
    Project Description
  • 06Random Vibration Fatigue
    Project Description
    Materials Properties, S-N Curve
    Random Vibration Fatigue Options 
  • 07Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis of an Electronic Enclosure 
    Linear Dynamic Analysis 
    Nonlinear Dynamic Analysis