This class will raise your SOLIDWORKS Simulation FEA skills to the next level! It offers hands-on experience on the use of SOLIDWORKS Simulation Premium nonlinear module. The 2-day course provides an overview on a wide range of nonlinear structural/mechanical analysis topics. You will learn how to deal with models that exhibit large displacements and/or yielding, discuss and practice the use of many material models available in SOLIDWORKS Simulation and, most importantly, how to drive a nonlinear analysis to successful completion.

buy now buttonLength: 2 days 
Prerequisites: Must have attended the basic SOLIDWORKS Simulation class, or must have an experience with SOLIDWORKS + working basic knowledge of finite elements and of basic mechanical principles.

Course Price: $1,495

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  • IIntroduction to Nonlinear Studies
    Types of Nonlinearities 
    Solving Nonlinear Problems
    Small Displacement Analysis 
    Large Displacement Analysis
    Finite Strain Analysis 
    Large Deflection Analysis 
    Elastic Models
    Elasto-Plastic Models 
    Super Elastic Nitinol Model
    Linear Visco-Elastic Model 
    Creep Model 
    Incremental Control Techniques 
    Iterative Methods 
    Termination Criteria
    Global Contact / Gap Conditions 
    Local Contact / Gap Conditions 
    Troubleshooting for Gap/ Contact Problems 
  • 01Large Displacement Analysis 
    Problem Statement 
    Linear Static Analysis 
    Nonlinear Static Study
    Linear Static Study (Large Displacement) 
  • 02Incremental Control Techniques 
    Linear Analysis
    Nonlinear Analysis - Force Control
    Nonlinear Analysis - Displacement
  • 03Nonlinear Static Buckling Analysis
    Problem Statement 
    Linear Buckling 
    Linear Static Study
    Nonlinear Symmetrical Buckling
    Nonlinear Asymmetrical Buckling 
  • 04Plastic Deformation
    Problem Statement
    Linear Elastic
    Nonlinear - von Mises
    Nonlinear - Tresca's
    Stress Accuracy
    Elastic Material  
  • 05Hardening Rules 
    Problem Statement 
    Isotropic Hardening 
    Kinematic Hardening
  • 06Analysis of Elastomers 
    Problem Statement 
    2 Constant Mooney-Rivline (2 Material Curve)
    2 Constant Mooney-Rivline (3 Material Curve)
    6 Constant Mooney-Rivline (3 Material Curve) 
  • 07Nonlinear Contact Analysis
    Problem Statement 
  • 08Metal Forming
    Problem Statement 
  • AAppendix A: True Engineering Stress and Strain
    Engineering Stress and Strain
    True Stress and Strain