DASI Solutions Customer Support - Help Desk

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HelpDesk Support is provided as part of the service agreement to our Subscription Service customers. If you are a SOLIDWORKS customer and you are no longer on Subscription Service, please contact our Subscription Service Coordinator by clicking here.

First Come, First Serve
We do our best to respond to each request in the order in which it is received. Please understand that we have many customers and we must respect them all EQUALLY.

Help Us Help YOU! 
Please provide us with information specific to your installation when you submit new requests 

To help diagnose your issue, we will need: 

  • SOLIDWORKS Version
  • SOLIDWORKS Service Pack
  • Brief description of the problem you're having

A couple of other pieces of information that might be asked for during troubleshooting are:

  • SOLIDWORKS Serial Number
  • Video Card Model and Driver Version, in some cases
  • Repeatability of the problem on your system or others in your organization where applicable

Each of these pieces of information will help us find a solution to your problem in the shortest possible time frame.