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Written by: Ryan Graham, Application Engineer

SOLIDOWORKS Explorer is one of my favorite tools to easily manage and organize all of my local files. For one, it can be used outside of the SOLIDWORKS application and offers the ability to move, rename, replace and even do a pack and go if I need to.

To make sure that you have this feature enabled, we’ll first need to make sure that it has been installed on your machine. This can be done during a fresh install or modify of the software from the Installation Manager.

SOLIDWORKS Explorer Installation Manager

Once installed, you can see previews of your Parts, Assemblies, and Drawings in the preview pane from your Windows Explorer.

SW Explorer Preview

You can also right click on your SOLIDWORKS files and modify them accordingly without breaking references, or having to locate the missing files within SOLIDWORKS.

Modify files without breaking references

**One aspect to note is that not all options are able to be checked from the SOLIDWORKS Explorer pack and go. Here is a comparison to the pack and go options between the two.

SOLIDWORKS Explorer Pack and Go Options

SOLIDWORKS Pack and Go Options

In short, SOLIDWORKS Explorer offers a fast and quick way to stay organized with your files, maintain needed references, or replace components without having to do so from within the application.