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The Command Search

Created byJerald Staley, Technical Resource Manager 

With all the feature additions and modifications in SOLIDWORKS it's not always possible to recall where or how some features are applied. SOLIDWORKS has made the ability to access the information for the commands very simple. The old reliable SOLIDWORKS help document is still there and available for searching when needed, but there are a couple better options.


The Command Search in the SOLIDWORKS interface is a great starting point. It allows you to find features that contain part of the command name. It also provides a brief description when you cursor over the command name in the search results list.


help-hoverWith the second option, if you select the eyeglasses next to the command in the list you will be shown the location of the command itself. You will then get a description of the command's function.


access-helpThe third option is most useful when trying to understand what the setting or options within the feature are capable of. If you are in any command and while the Property Manager tab is active you will have a "?" next to the feature name. Selecting this help icon will take you into the SOLIDWORKS help file directly to the area that describes the feature. This will also give you the details of all the selections or option in that feature dialog.

As always your other line of assistance is your local VAR or reseller.