CAD Check for Parts and Tooling Overview

SOLIDWORKS enables automatic checks for draft, undercut, and wall thickness issues in molded, cast, and forged parts and tooling. Parts and tooling checks help identify and resolve potential problems early in the part or tooling design process. CAD check for parts and tooling functionality includes:

  • Draft Analysis—Determine if a part is drafted sufficiently considering the material selected for removal from the mold or forging tool
  • Undercut Analysis—Determine if an undercut feature is present in a part so it can be understood and fixed, or removed (if undesired), or designed into the tooling so that the undercut feature can be produced
  • Parting Line Analysis—Review the part line selection for the target direction of pull for plastic, cast, or forged parts
  • Thickness Check—Automatically calculate and graphically display part thickness so the designer can focus on areas where molding problems are likely to occur
  • Symmetry Check—Run symmetry checks that help streamline tooling construction by helping engineers select preliminary gating locations and common areas that can be manufactured together