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Features that aren’t so obvious.

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TIP:  Jeremy Regnerus, DASI Solutions Application Engineer and CSWP, gives us this tip on getting more “alternative power” out of SolidWorks.  In this issue Jeremy outlines how the ALT-key gives you some add features that aren’t so obvious.

Unknown to most users, the ALT-key in SolidWorks contains many functions that help productivity.  Here are a few that you may find helpful…

  • In a Drawing you can move a view by using the ALT-key.  By selecting anywhere in the view as opposed to a model edge or the view edge.
  • In a Drawing, holding the ALT-key you can move any table from anywhere on the table as opposed to only the move control cell in the upper left hand corner.
  • In an Assembly, the ALT-key can be used to “Drag & Drop” mates, using Smart Mate technology.  These mates include Coincident (Planar Face to Planar Face), Concentric (Cylindrical Face to Cylindrical Face), and “Peg in Hole” Coincident & Concentric combined (Circular Edge to Circular Edge).
  • Alt + Left or Right Arrow keys rotate the model in a Clockwise / Counter Clockwise fashion.
  • When re-ordering the sequence of Parts in an Assembly, the ALT-key prevents the dropping of a Part into an Assembly
  • When several Dimensions are grouped on a Drawing, if you want to adjust one dimension in the group, you can hold the ALT-key and drag it to the new location, while maintaining the group.

Just think of what is Possible with Shift, Tab & CTRL!!


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