DASI Solutions now offers live, instructor-led SOLIDWORKS training courses.

Experience certified SOLIDWORKS training courses from your workstation. Save Time: Eliminate travel and work disruption by sitting for training online.


Benefits of Online Training

Minimize Work Disruption: Train at your workplace for 3 or 4 hours a day.

Live Coaching: Our online CAD environment allows for hands on learning within SOLIDWORKS and immediate interaction with the instructor leading your course. Get help by virtually raising your hand via the online training system, and privately chat with the instructor.

More Effective than Video-Based Training: With recorded videos, customers are often not as focused on the training and skip exercises. Plus, with live online training, the instructor is available to provide help or answer your questions right away.

It’s Hands-on: Learn by doing. Open training in one window and your SOLIDWORKS software in the other. Your instructor will guide you through exercises so you can apply and test new skills immediately.

Training Certificate: Just like classroom based training courses you will receive a certificate when you have completed a course.

Cloud-Based SOLIDWORKS: Open SOLIDWORKS in your browser and take advantage of our stable and optimized cloud-based CAD training environment. This minimizes the chance of falling behind due to your individual system speed or settings.


A Few of our Certified Online Trainers

johnmcarther  Joseph Richter  Mo  shawn