SOLIDWORKS functionality automates design tasks that you do most often (like part and assembly modeling and drawing creation). Modeling and detailing challenges that can often frustrate new users and be tedious and time consuming for experienced designers (like creating or modifying draft, fillets, and rounds on a part, or just cleaning up dimension placement on a drawing) are detected by the software and resolved automatically.

You learn fast with the intuitive SOLIDWORKS user interface that’s easy to use and designed to make you instantly productive. SOLIDWORKS tools can help you quickly transform your product development process:

  • In-context menus show you the right command at the right time when you need it
  • Toolbar commands are organized by design function for fast access
  • Automated Command Search takes you to any command you need instantly

Extensive tutorials and support documentation help you progress at a fast pace

You work fast with the easily customizable SOLIDWORKS user interface so you can work the way you want to, dramatically boosting your productivity. With bidirectional associativity, any changes you make to your 3D model or 2D drawing are automatically replicated. Make a change to one and the other updates as well, keeping all your files current and accurate.

Both full-time and occasional 3D CAD users can customize tools to get their tasks done faster:

  • Customize toolbars, in-context menus, hotkeys, and environment settings
  • Simply gesture with your mouse for fast command access
  • Automatically perform design functions through API and batch processing capabilities