SOLIDWORKS 2019: Enhancements to Exploded Views

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

With all of the new enhancements to exploded views, it will be much easier and faster to communicate the assembly of your productsin SOLIDWORKS 2019.

Rollback Bar

In SOLIDWORKS 2019, you will see a new rollback bar at the bottom of your exploded views. This rollback bar behaves in the same way as the rollback bar in the FeatureManager and can be dragged up and down the exploded view steps to visualize the exploded view step by step.

ExplodedView1 min


Reorder & Suppress Steps

In addition to the new rollback bar, the individual steps of an exploded view can be reordered by dragging them up and down the ConfigurationManager.

When editing the exploded view, the rollback bar will remain in its position to allow you to create additional steps anywhere within the exploded steps.


In the ConfigurationManager, or while editing the exploded view, you can now suppress in addition to deleting exploded view steps.



Naming Steps

Explode steps can now be named on creation, saving the extra step of renaming the steps after creating the exploded view.



New Video File Formats

Finally, more formats are supported when saving out the exploded view to a video. These include Flash (flv), Matroska Video file (mkv), and MP4.