SOLIDWORKS 2019: Enhancements to Trim Entities

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

There are two new options for the “Trim Entities” command for SW 2019. The new options are "Keep trimmed entities as construction geometry" and “Ignore trimming of construction geometry” shown at the bottom of the dialog box. 


These options are independent of each other but can be used together.

Here are two images of before and after trimming the left corner of a square.

Before Trimming


After Trimming


The corner geometry that was trimmed was not deleted but instead was turned into construction geometry. 

The original diagonal construction line in the top corner was not trimmed even though the mouse cursor was dragged through it due to the new option “Ignore trimming of construction geometry”. This option will help avoid the accidental trimming of centerlines commonly used for dimension references of revolved or extruded features. This will also help avoid the issue of cluttered sketches with multiple centerlines being placed on top of one another. 

These two options can be turned on and off and used independent of one another.