SOLIDWORKS 2019: Inserting a Part with a Specific Configuration

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

New to SOLIDWORKS 2019 is the ability to insert a part with a specific configuration. To do this, the command is called "Insert Part". There isn’t much difference in the workflow for adding a configuration of a part as there is to just adding a component to an assembly. 


IconWith any part open, like the base I created for this demonstration, go to the Insert tab, then navigate half way down to the Insert Part Icon


Once this is selected, you will be taken to a File Explorer to locate the file you wish to use for the configurations. 


As seen in the picture above, the various configurations are available to choose from and can be added one at a time with the various configurations as seen below. You do NOT have to close the tool if you wish to insert multiple configurations; simply click the pin to pin the Insert Part Property Manager to the window and carry on inserting parts.