SOLIDWORKS 2019: Sketching - Projected Curve Enhancements

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

In SOLIDWORKS 2019, you can create multiple closed or open contour projected curves in a single sketch. You can also use 3D sketches as inputs for the Projected Curve tool.

Previously, you had to create a separate sketch for each entity and then use the Projected Curve tool.

The Bi-directional option in the Projected Curve PropertyManager projects sketches in two opposite directions. You can also set a custom direction for projected curves, using a planar or linear reference such as an edge, sketch, plane, or a face.

The Projected Curve tool does not support projections of intersecting curves.

As of SP1 this does not support Sketch on sketch projected curves. One of the two sketches must be extruded into a surface or solid before projecting the other sketch.


One use of projecting curves is to generate a sweep path. When using this approach to generate curves, the SelectionManager must be used to select one of the curves for the path. To start the SelectionManager, right-click in the graphics area the click on SelectionManager.


Once the SelectionManager has been activated, use the Select Closed Loop, Select Open Loop, or Select Group options to pick the desired curves for the sweep path.