SOLIDWORKS 2019: Specifying a Default Save Folder

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

Ever get tired of constantly telling SOLIDWORKS where to save your files? Even more so when you save them to the same location each time? 

Well, with SOLIDWORKS 2019, you can now specify the save folder you wish to be your default save location. If you do not put a default save location, it will default to the last saved location. How does one do this? Easily!

From within SOLIDWORKS, go to the Options menu. Once inside, go to Options > File Locations. Once in the File Locations menu, click on the dropdown arrow under the “Show Folders for” area.


The Default Save Folder is the third option down. Select the option and then click Add. Navigate to the folder you wish to save to, then click Select. Once you have selected the folder it will now be displayed as the default save location.