SOLIDWORKS MDB 2019: Support for Sheet Metal

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

While you have always been able to create 3D views of Sheet Metal components in SOLIDWORKS MBD, adding many of the common annotations available in 2D drawings was not an option. SOLIDWORKS MBD 2019 now adds support for sheet metal bend notes, bend tables, bend lines, and bounding box lines. Let’s look at how to use this enhanced functionality.

Bend Notes

From the FeatureManager design tree, simply right-click the Flat-Pattern feature and choose “Insert bend notes”. You may be prompted that this action will need to create a new annotation view and derived configuration.

Note: Don’t forget to pay attention to which configuration is active as you continue to apply operations.


If you have already inserted bend notes and made some modifications, you can right-click that same Flat-Pattern feature from the FeatureManager design tree and choose Reinsert bend notes

Bend Tables

The process to insert a bend table is very similar to how you insert a bend table in a 2D drawing. Just use the Insert pull-down menu to navigate to the Insert > Tables > Bend Table command. From there, you will have the same PropertyManager options available in 2D and once you click OK (green checkmark) then place the table in the graphics view, tags are placed on the bend lines of the sheet metal flat pattern to identify their bend specifications.


Bend and Bounding Box Lines

Finally, to round up support for sheet metal parts in SOLIDWORKS MBD, there are new options in the Document Properties section of the Tools > Options dialog box. Navigate to Tools > Options > Document Properties > Sheet Metal MBD to adjust the color, line type, and many of the common Sheet Metal annotations.


Previously, these options only showed in the Document Properties under a section called Sheet Metal when in a 2D drawing.