SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019: Mixed Authentication

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

For a long time, PDM has allowed either Windows credentials, or PDM credentials to be used to log in to the system. The drawback was that if one was used, the other was not. This could present challenges for companies that want to create remote or temporary users that don’t need a Windows login. SOLIDWORKS PDM 2019 rises to the challenge and removes those restrictions. Now available is the ability for administrators to enable PDM logins when the Windows login is set as the default method.

Adjusting these settings is rather easy and allows for greater flexibility in administering and creating users.

  • On the PDM server, launch the Archive Server Configuration tool.
    • If the dialog does not launch, check by the clock to see if it is already running.
  • In the dialog, we may need to determine if the login settings are set specifically per vault or for the global default. In either case, the changes will be the same, but we will have to do them in one of two places:
    • If the login settings are set on an individual vault basis, right-click the vault name in the right pane and go to properties. If the “User default login type” box is checked, this vault is not set independent from the default properties.
    • To set the default properties for all vaults set to use the default, go to Tools > Default Settings.
  • In either case of the above, a new option is available to “Allow SOLIDWORKS PDM login” under the Windows login selection.


  • Once this option is set, adding a user shows a new option to add a SOLIDWORKS PDM User. This user does not have to be in the Windows Active Directory as other users and will not have its password controlled by Active Directory.


PDM 2019 gives us greater flexibility in how we can create users for the odd scenarios that we run into on a daily basis.