SOLIDWORKS Simulation 2019: Topology Study - Constraints

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What's New in SOLIDWORKS 2019

The Topology Study in SOLIDWORKS Simulation now allows users to enter Frequency and Stress/FOS constraints. 


For example, if you want your first vibration mode of your optimized design to be greater than 100Hz, simply turn on “Frequency Constraint” and copy the example below. In the example, the 2nd mode must stay larger than 300Hz as well. Finally, the “Mode tracking” check box will help to account for the fact that your first mode might become a different mode in your study. 


If you want your stresses to remain low, you might shoot for a reasonable factor of safety as well. Turn on “Stress/Factor of Safety Constraint” and enter in the stress level or FOS you’d like to maintain.


Both of these two new options can be found when you are setting up your optimization goal.